• Fully automatic metal printing of metal sheets made of tinplate, aluminum and steel. High performance in speed, stability and easy operation guarantee customers with high efficiency and cost saving. Integrated application with coating, UV or Oven system extensively brings package solutions for metal decoration in food, beverage, chemical, drum and electronics industries.
  • Fully automatic metal coating is the essential process for anti-rust and brightness effect before and after printing for metal sheets made of tinplate, aluminum and steel. Perfect evenness and ergonomic design wins 100% customer satisfaction in cost efficiency.
  • It includes mainly two approaches of drying which depends on the application of lacquer, UV ink or solvent or water based paints. The thermal drying ovens for the drying of coated and printed tinplate, aluminum or tin-free steel sheets. UV drying concepts for the curing of both UV printing inks and UV-based transparent coatings.
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