Company Profile

  RUIYUAN is the market and technology leader in China in the field of metal decorating equipment manufacturing. Established in 1998 and located in Shanghai, we have been growing most professional with the latest fifth generations of metal printing and coating along with a serial of metal sheet arrangement equipment. With proven technology and innovations, our quality is pioneering, shoulder to shoulder with other international brands.

  As expert in metal decoration, we are well committed to provide customers with standard and customized solutions for metal printing line and coating line including multi-color printing machine, coating machine and oven, UV drying system as well as sheet management and handling systems such as stacker, feeder, inspection table, grinder and etc.. Applications of metal decoration are widespread for packaging from food and beverage industry, daily cosmetics industry, paint industry and drum industry to electronic and automobile industries.

  Our products portfolio mainly focuses on metal printing and coating. Among the metal printing, there are two serials of automatic machine providing single color, two-color, three-color, four color and even six and eight colors. These diversity configurations is well suited to a complete printing line including printing machine with oven or UV drying system at detailed requests. Coating machine performs a crucial role before and after printing on anti-rust and brightness purpose. The coating line includes coating machine with oven. Above all, each solution is always tailored at client specifics.

  The current printing and coating targets not only long run but also short run with various solutions we design for clients. In the estimated future, we will also launch the latest digital printing to meet growing demands for short run and personalization.

  To top in class rests upon persistence in innovation and high efficiency workouts. Our products have successfully won the top brand in China but also a growing presence worldwide with totally 200 brand name clients
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